Great emergency vet we just discovered

Posted by Administrator on 1/21/2014

We absolutely love our vet, Dr. Jean Burns of Floresta Animal Hospital off La Chalet Blvd just west of Military trail in Boynton Beach.  However in an emergency situation which we had two in less than two weeks with 2 C sections we discovered Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists on the 3800 block of Forrest Hill Blvd just east of Kirk Road. 

Wow what a facility!  We almost did not go in as it was so fancy and we assumed it was for wealthy Palm Beachers only.  This turned out not to be true as our bill was no more than what we had paid at other Emergency clinics.  Dr. Sigman diagnosed several issues that we had wondered about for several years.  We are impressed. 

They probably have 50 vets there and do various specialty services, 24 hours a day.  Would have to rate them as high as I do Bumrungrad hospital in Bangkok for people, but this is for animals.  For this blog see my review at the blog section in my website 

Yesterday we had another situation ( we have 7 Pembroke Welsh Corgies) and went there for a second opinion.  We were told by another Doctor at another practice close to us  put our "Asia" down as she was in severe pain.  ...but she was not whimpering and alert.  They pressed us to make an immediate decision as it was very close to closing time there.  Thank God, we went for a second opinion from Dr. Roy at PBVS.  He examined her and read the x rays we had taken at the other vets office.  His opinion was completely opposite, prescribed us pain pills and to simply give her rest.   (she was hit by a car and broke her pelvis)  The bill was $41.08 including the prescriptions. I have never walked out of a vets office for that amount of money.   That same afternoon, Asia got up and walked a few feet. We are elated.  They have saved 4 of our animals lives thru the years, and we are grateful.  We know the time will come when their gifted hands will not be able to save one, but will accept it.  They certainly are no more expensive than any other emergency clinic. and I feel I get a correct diagnosis every time at least from Dr. Roy and Dr. Sigman, as well as Dr Jean Burns (our regular vet)  

Medicine is a practice and not an exact science.  I am so thankful to have PBVS here in Palm Beach and so close.  I have had experience with many vets and emergency clinics.  PBVS is tops by far on my list, for state of the art care.

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