Replacement policy on African Violet leaves

Posted by Bruce Pearson on 10/17/2021 to General
Free Leaf Replacement
We want you to be 100% successful with our leaves.  However, even the most accomplished growers ever achieve 100%.  Therefore we will replace any leaves not “taking” at no charge with your next order, or for postage only.    On the comments section of your order just state that you were not successful with …??? whatever variety (s). We will replace with identical or closest possible if that variety is not in stock.   Shipment must have gone priority mail (not first class) and Subdue has been ordered in the past or with replacement.

Misuse of Lysol, Physan, Oxycodone, and Sex

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Common mistakes people use with agricultural chemicals and sterilants 

Color Coded Liquid Fertilizer in Wicked African Violets

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Color Coded Liquid Fertilizer in wicked African violets

Welcome to our new Website!

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As we build this website please help us with any abnormalities you encounter.

About us

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Rare Plants and unusual nature related gift items

Alive and Well

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Tropical World search engine results about closing are incorrect.

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