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Posted by Bruce Pearson on 7/7/2011 to Eco and Medical Tourism Tours

Why is this story on our website?


It’s been almost two years since my operation and I would like to add the following:


We have tried to have this story published but the local papers and television stations have refused to publish this because “ their medical advertisers would pull their advertising.” 


Even the AARP article (Sept 2007) slants it as a “bargain” rather than the superior facility that it is.  I went there because of the Staph infection rate in this country is unacceptable ….the pricing was just a bonus. 



My personal opinion is that good medical doctors and nurses in this country have their hands tied with insurance, mal practice attorneys and subservient hospital employees hurting them at every opportunity. 


I felt a personal friendship developed with Dr. Nanthadej, Dr Sunantha, and the personnel at Bumrungrad before, during and after my operation.  I knew going into the surgery that they were going to do their very best. I also know that is one of the highest medical honors to be working at Bumrungrad.  Mistakes are not tolerated.   



Sorry folks, I strongly feel that multi million dollar mal practice settlements only drive up the medical costs.  I am surprised at how many people ask me about what I would have done if the procedure failed.  I felt so comfortable before the surgery that this never entered my mind.  We must accept that medicine is always a practice and is not an exact science.  I knew that I was in capable hands and before the surgery I knew that Dr. Nanthadej was going to do his very, very best.  I can not imagine going into a hospital and they mark “Operate Here” in magic marker and I have never seen the person operating on me. 


Bumrungrad has my total vote of confidence, from the doctors, nurses, chefs, administrative  and service personnel.  They are all quality, cleanliness and service conscience. I can usually find fault with just about anything I am confronted with, but with Bumrungrad, I could find NOTHING.  I am seriously considering spending my final years in Thailand just to be close to this facility.

This is an article that AARP did with me on medical tourism.  check it out



Carnie Matisonn
Date: 9/1/2013
Hi Bruce Many thanks for your introduction to Bumrungrad. I will be sending my MRI to them on Wednesday. I hope that they will find an answer for me that excludes the horrendous risks of a severed artery or nerve . This is my final port of call after having visited doctors in the USA , Germany, South Africa and Spain . I will keep you posted. Your interest and assistance is greatly appreciated. Kind regards Carnie Matisonn
Date: 9/1/2013
Rest assured, if anyone can honestly help you, they can. I would not hesitate to have a heart transplant there. They truly practice medicine for health's sake and not just trying to "build the bill" Nice to know that somewhere on this planet there is affordable health care.....and you can actually afford to pay the bill out of pocket without insurance companies, attorneys, pharmacies, etc. dictating every step.

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