Alive and Well

Posted by Administrator on 3/2/2013 to General
Tropical World …alive and well?? After almost 9 years there are still articles showing up on the search engines that say we are closing, and going out of business. This all “fell thru” when the economic turn down took place and our buyers filed for bankruptcy. We continue in the nursery business and in fact purchased an additional growing grounds in Loxahatchee Groves, Florida to make up for the loss in property we sold beside us in Boynton Beach that will become an assisted living facility soon. Even if we sell the additional property in Boynton, we will continue supplying plants and unusual gift items as this is just in our blood. We do plan to travel more, but mainly to supply products for our garden center and on line business. Our current plans an agricultural co-op in Boynton where several nurseries are participating. We look for others as well as week end vendors. It is a shame that once something gets on the web it is all but impossible to get it removed. We have contacted the newspapers that published this and for one reason or another, it never seems to get removed. We are alive and as well as can be expected considering the economy, as it is. Come see us, if you can. With over 40 years and growing, we will always treat your right. Bruce Pearson, Michael Marino and the entire staff at Tropical World

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