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Posted by Administrator on 1/30/2014 to General
Tropical World Nursery was established in 1974. We have always specialized in rare and unusual plants most of which we have collected thoughout the tropics. We are responsible for introducing over 300 varieties of new plants to South Florida. Over 6000 varieties are now grown at our Boynton, Loxahatchee and Fortin de las Flores, Veracruz , Mexico locations as well as numerous suppliers. Cactus, succulents, orchids, aroids, aquatics, ferns, begonias, plumeria, adeniums, bromeliads, bulbs, bananas, caladiums, bamboo, cannas, palms, cycads, vines, and various other plant material make up the majority of our extensive plant collection. Our garden center in Boynton caters to Outdoor living, as well as unusual nature related gifts. We get regular containers of custom designed pots and ceramic wares as well as other unique items from Thailand. Harmony Kingdom, Zampiva, Raku, are some of the popular lines we carry. We also have unique fossils, rocks and minerals, including trilobite plates and dinosaur eggs. Our garden supplies not only include organic insecticides, fertilizers, etc but also unique tools, pond, pool, aquarium and pet supplies. An eclectic mix to say the least!

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